Delivery methods

Every day your order is delivered to your door!
By ordering your diet you benefit from free, fast and convenient delivery,
so you can enjoy a healthy meal every day

Delivery times

Our couriers deliver orders from Monday to Saturday. For weekend orders, we deliver catering for two days: Saturday and Sunday.

We deliver diets in the early morning hours, from 02:00 to 10:00, depending on the branch selected. The hours selected on the order form are preferred and may be slightly different from reality, although we will do our best to deliver your order within the time frame you have selected!

Deliveries by refrigerated trucks

We carry out daily deliveries using refrigerated trucks. Using our deliveries you can be sure that your diet is transported in refrigerated conditions from the moment of production to the delivery at your door. All vehicles we use for deliveries have valid sanitary inspection certificates.

Supply area

We currently serve the whole of Poland!
Regardless of where you are from we will deliver your catering to your door :)

Transport map

  • Diets distributed by refrigerated trucks.

  • We serve all cities!

  • Free, fast delivery!